Yalga-binbi provides flexible training opportunities for people who want customised learning programs.


Making an application

When you wish to apply for a course, you need to fill out an Application for Enrolment and Admission Form. 

Applications can be made at any time of the year.

Download and complete the Application Form. Return it to Yalga-binbi via post, email or fax.

Contact details and application upload here

Your form will be forwarded to the teacher responsible for delivering the course.

Download: Application form word doc | Application form pdf


For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students it is important to make an application for ABSTUDY Allowances and Part-time Award. 

If approved, this will mean that a student will be entitled to a small incidentals allowance paid once a year. It also entitles students who have to travel to attend residential workshops to have their travel and accommodation paid for by ABSTUDY.

Students who need to travel and have been approved by ABSTUDY will need to arrange their own travel bookings by ringing ABSTUDY on the student number 13 2317. This should be done at least three weeks before travelling.

Download: ABSTUDY Claim form


If the State Government is funding a Yalga-binbi course, then the State sets a funding level for student fees. 

Concessions apply to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, holders of a health care card or pensioner card and students who are under 17 at the end of February of the year of enrolment.

Fees vary from course to course, so consult the relevant Course Handbook for the fees for 2019.

For courses that are not funded by the State Government, commercial rates will be set for fees.

Please note the following points:

It is each student’s responsibility to pay the necessary fees and to have ready for their own use, whatever materials, books, stationery or anything else that may be required to undertake their course successfully.

  • Fees can be paid either in full for the whole year or as each unit is undertaken. Fees should be paid at the beginning of each workshop.
  • Refunds are available for students who discontinue their studies in accordance with the Institute’s Policy on Admission, Enrolment, Payment of Fees and Refunds.