Yalga-binbi was established over 20 years ago as an independent, incorporated organisation.

Supporting the development of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and related organisations. While servicing the Great South East of Queensland, training can be made available anywhere depending on available resources.

With more than 20 years of history in training for Indigenous people, Yalga-binbi remains committed to the personal development of organisations and its valuable people resource.

Our Vision

Yalga-binbi Institute for Community Development will promote positive social transformation and help empower people to build better, healthier and stronger communities which ultimately will have greater economic and social autonomy, political power and control over their future development.


Tom Osborne, Indigenous Education, Qld

Yalga-binbi’s CEO and Compliance Manager is Mr Tom Osborne.

Tom manages all aspects of the Environmental Marine Training Centre at the Port of Bundaberg. He also oversees student management, enrolment, reporting and course planning.


Yalga-binbi has a range of compliant and experienced trainers on call to provide quality student Centered learning that meets the individual needs of their students.

All trainers have compliant training and vocational qualifications and have recent industry exposure within their relevant field of vocational study.


Yalga-binbi Institute, Qld education

Yalga-binbi Institute, Bundaberg, Qld

Education Community Development Qld

Education and Community Development Qld - Yalga-binbi

Yalga-binbi Institute is located adjacent to the Burnett Heads Port Marina and is conveniently close to Baltimore’s restaurant, take-away hot food and the Lighthouse Hotel / Motel.

Our electronic learning room is fitted with 18 modern computers all with fast internet and reliable connectivity.

Yalga-binbi Institute’s business partner, Gidarjil Development Corporation, has a fleet of 12 seater buses that can be used to transport students to the Port Training Facility from Bundaberg.

Bundaberg Bus Service runs from Bundaberg to the Port four times daily in the morning and the afternoon making transport easy for students to study at the Environmental Marine Training Centre.


Indigenous Students, Queensland Australia

Australian Indigenous Students, Queensland

Australian Indigenous Students - Yalga-binbi Institute

Indigenous Students at Yalga-binbi Institute